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Welcome to The Official Silmarillion Seminar Blog! The Silmarillion Seminar was started by The Tolkien Professor and about 8 other participants from various backgrounds as a sort of “Support Group” (Tolkien Anonymous?). And slowly, chapter by chapter we took on the task of that monumental book . Though being from various backgrounds, we all shared a great Love for Tolkien. And not just Tolkien but, in particular, his work, The Silmarillion, . and believe it or not, we wanted more!

Our mission thus is to make a scholarly assessment of not only The Silmarillion but also the exegetical literature about The Silmarillion and Tolkien Scholarship more generally in the hopes of reaching out to the lay person who wants to contribute to a scholarly conversation.  Right now, for instance, we are exploring the “Unfinished Tales” and will be making our way soon on to “The Histories of Middle-Earth” Series.

All of our topics have crossed with various Tolkien artists, LOTRO fans, and Tolkien fans more widely. This blog is an outlet for people to leave comments on recent episodes. Our goal is to have a blog post every week: one to coincide and recap our latest episode and another for Tom Bombadil or whatever is on our members’ and fans’ minds.

The Silmarillion Seminar airs every other Thursday on  MyMiddle-Earth Radio at 10:15pm Eastern Standard Time. We are always welcome to special guest participants and fans! If you love The Silmarillion, this is the podcast/radio show for you. We are but branches of the Tree of the Tolkien Professor, and if you want to listen in or catch up on the 30-something Episodes already produced, click here!

The Silmarillion Seminar is led by the great Jason Jewell, who you might know as a Professor at Faulkner University where he holds Chair of the Humanities Department, and of Signum University . Our tech wizard is the “Snake of Silverlake” Dave Kale who besides producing this show, also produces the highly successful “Riddles in The Dark” series with the Tolkien Professor, as well as many other podcasts with Fr. Roderick, my personal favorite being “Secrets of the Hobbit.

Our other tech wizard and divine voice of feminine intuition is Laura Berkholtz, who also works close with Fr. Roderick AND the Tolkien Professor and is the Editor-At-Large of our Seminar. We also have Jordon Hattery, a self-proclaimed Fingolfin-phile, and great movie reviewer/pig owner,  Matt Shaw, a man with tremendous insight (And our “Southern Beren,”) Chris Stevens, the Rock of our group, John Evans, an 18-year old blind prodigy and the future of Tolkien Scholarship. And finally there’s me, Brandon Young, a Philosopher turned Lawyer, Musician, Writer and keeper of this and other blogs and other podcasts. I have two published articles with The Bertrand Russell Society  and am working on a book called “Riverrun: The Love of Words, James Joyce and J.R.R. Tolkien.” (click that for my blog on the topic).

The mission of this blog is to expand upon the things some of us forgot to say during the hour we have on the show, or to re-cap a particularly good broadcast. and to pose questions about anything and everything Silmarillion related.

We welcome all comments, debate, and feedback about anything under the Sun.

Find us on Twitter and like us on Facebook. And listen in Thursdays 10:15 on MyMiddle-Earth Radio.

May the Valar Bless and Keep You Always,

-Brandon & The Silmarillionaires

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12 Responses to Welcome To The Official Silmarillion Seminar Blog

  1. Congratulations on your new site!

    Feel free to go ahead and delete this comment as well as your “Hello World” post, and create your own content!

  2. Avatar of knowfere says:

    Going to have to start listening in and do some catching up! Reading the Silmarillion right now for….oh I forget how manyth time. :)

  3. Avatar of theviking theviking says:

    About time! :p. Please tell me the broadcasts will be on iTunes?

  4. Avatar of brandonyoung brandonyoung says:

    Thanks for the comment theviking!
    For now, The Silmarillion Seminar has plenty of Episodes and there’s a lot of work that goes into the editing and introductions. But they will be released through The Tolkien Professor’s iTunes feed as soon as they’re available.
    Until then, check us out Live Thursday (tomorrow) at 10:15pm ET if you can and feel free to take part or add comments! We appreciate the interest! Stay tuned!

  5. The_Least_of_Rings says:

    How awesome!
    I have become a great fan of the Silmarillion Seminar and am looking forward to the extra Tolkien-appreciatin’-goodness that will doubtless come of this blog :)

  6. Finwe says:

    Awesome! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the podcasts thus far. Looking forward to the UT ones as well.

    • Avatar of brandonyoung brandonyoung says:

      Thanks for the interest everyone! Feel free to comment or send your ideas about the Episodes on The Tolkien Professor’s page or iTunes feed or listen Thursdays at 10:15pm on My-Middle Earth. We’ve got SO much more content to come!
      So stay tuned!

  7. Eöl says:

    So many months… will there *ever* be another post? Is the Nírnaeth Arnoediad just too grim to get to? I hear talk of the elaborate editing involved… so hard to fathom. A 15-second intro seems to be recorded, then the full two hours or so. Convert to mp3 and upload, presto. Might take 20 minutes if your CPU is slow. Like Stephen Colbert, I am JONESING here, people! Um, that said, thank you for this wonderful and free content which the world loves so very dearly.

    P.S. Seriously, please, the wait is really getting super crazy now, ye gods. I would take the first half of any Silmarillion seminar, even “Of Beleriand and Its Realms” for all of the Hobbit movie conjecture thingies put together. Not that those are not awesome, because, they are. Just saying though. OK. I think you hear me. Will shut up now. Thanks again.

    • Avatar of brandonyoung brandonyoung says:

      We’ve gone into the Nirnaeth a lot. The fact that they aren’t edited fast enough is not my responsibility. But I agree with you, unfortunately. I also agree with the lack of posts. The Silmarillion Seminar has a multitude of members: some active, some not. But you can expect more from me Eol, Dark Elf.
      Now, don’t you have a Faerie to catch? :-)
      Affectionately Yours,

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