Silmarillion Seminar: August 23rd! The Line of Elros: The Kings of Numenor

Elros and Elrond

Thursday, August 23rd, at 10:15PM EST, The Silmarillion Seminar continues as we discuss Chapter The Line of Elros: The Kings of Numenor-from the Founding of the City of Armenelos to the Downfall from Tolkien’s “Unfinished Tales.”

It’s interesting to think of the Kings of Numenor, but I think even more interesting are the Queens of Numenor. Moreover, the fact that the Numenorean Kings take their Title from Quenya, the highest and noblest of all the Elvish languages, itself says quite a bit about the Numenorean culture and the Elvish-Men closeness and affection.

We are given a genealogy of sorts in the book of the line of Numenorean Kings in this short chapter. The notes of the Chapter are highly interesting and given the subtlety of Tolkien, I’m sure the Simarillionaires (Facebook link-click here, Twitter link here), lead by Jason Jewell of Signum University, will be able to get a full hour of interesting discussion out of this chapter. For this is a most-interesting chapter.

I personally find the story of Elros (and his name, which encapsulates the history and glory) fascinating, especially the fact that Tolkien interestingly chooses 32 as the year Elros took to throne. What’s interesting about that? You’ll have to  tune in to find out, Fellowship! But think about it. Google it. If you want to cheat, that is.

Tune in August 23rd here on My-Middle-Earth Radio @ 10:15pm EST, and Brandon can be contacted @BrandonYoung82 on Twitter and use #Silmarillion if you have something to add. Happy Listening Friends!

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19 Responses to Silmarillion Seminar: August 23rd! The Line of Elros: The Kings of Numenor

  1. Avatar of knowfere says:

    Have made my sticky note to self :-)

  2. The_Least_of_Rings says:

    Sadly, that is the middle of the afternoon here in NZ, so I will be at work and unable to listen in. But I will be looking forward to the podcast release with eager anticipation. :)


  3. Please tell me that youre heading to keep this up! Its so great and so important. I cant wait to read more from you. I just really feel like you know so considerably and know how to make people listen to what youve to say. This weblog is just also cool to become missed. Terrific stuff, actually. Please, PLEASE keep it up!

  4. Avatar of Sharon Hoff Sharon Hoff says:

    Hoping to tune in. Will the link on the blogpost take me directly to the right place at MMNRadio?

    • Avatar of brandonyoung brandonyoung says:

      Yes it should take you there since that is the radio page. 10:30pm EST THIS Thursday!
      Come one, come all. And thank you for all your support Least of the Rings, the Episodes are recorded so they are bound to pop up somewhere. We’re still not done with editing the Tolkien Professor-leas Silmarillion Seminar, so there’s maybe 10 more of those plus these as well. And everyone be on the look out for John Evans and my podcast on ” The Green Knight” coming up soon. John is an 18 year old Tolkien prodigy. Cheers! -B

  5. I can’t make it so I’ll be looking forward to a recorded show! ;)

    • Avatar of brandonyoung brandonyoung says:

      Thanks! We meet up every other Thursday for the past year and it’s moderated by Signum Prof. @JasonJewell . And we meet on Skype as well as broadcast on this site’s radio station, most of the time. Plus, if you miss the Episode, I’ll probably blog about it the next day of a summation of what we talked about.

      And everyone in this fellowship is welcome to participate, whether it’s directly to the podcast or just leaving a comment on this blog. It all helps spread the love of the texts of Tolkien. And if you’re interested in the Literatire that informed the shaping of Middle-Earth, people should check out my upcoming podcast on the Green Knight, and then Beowulf, and then more into the Arthurian legends, the Bible, and the Norse and Finnish sagas, as well as the Greco-Roman myths. all of which floated about in Tolkien’s mind.

      • Avatar of Matthew Matthew says:

        I’ve been looking at how Romano-Byzantine culture influenced Tolkien’s conception of Gondor, and whether he had the Frankish Carolingian kingdoms in Mind as a template for Arnor, as the two have parallel histories. The Frankish Kingdom began as a holding of Merovingian Kings, but was given by the papacy to the Carolingians. Charles Martel began the line, but it was Pepin the Short who was recognized by the Papacy, and Charlemagne who united the Frankish realm, but it broke into three pieces, by tradition, so his sons could inherit, and then a civil war took place among the three.

        This is very similar to the history of Arnor, although Arnor’s history has a longer tradition than the Carolingians, but the path is very similar.

        • Avatar of brandonyoung brandonyoung says:

          I agree @Matthew ! I think mythology is like being thrown a thousand beads and trying to figure out the Golden Thread that binds them together. The Merovingians are an interesting bunch, and make an appearance in Beowulf. I think that the “myths” were mostly historical fact. The connections between Rome and England are itself fascinating (the Green Knight) and one wonders if Tolkien, through Philology, was REALLY onto something big. Very big. And I think it’s all Philologically connected as language is a relatively recent development, but the language of symbols is much much older. And this accounts for occult knowledge, etc., and some histories that might have to face an upheaval. As James Joyce’s character Stephen Daedalus says: “If we must have a Jesus, let us have a legitimate Jesus.”
          Stay tuned, I’m working this out, but it’s almost too large a thing for one person to carry out. Luckily I have my 18 year old prodigy next to me who can carry the torch while I finish my law degree. But if I could I would. Also, James Joyce was trying to get this point accross in books like Finnegans Wake & Ulysess.
          Thanks for the interesting comment! Sorry for the belated reply!

  6. Avatar of Matthew Matthew says:

    AW! MAN!

    I have a Final in Cognitive Psych on Friday, and I will have to study Thursday (not to mention I have work)…

    This is definitely something I would be interested in.

    I’ll have to check out what the significance of 32 is now…

    • Avatar of brandonyoung brandonyoung says:

      32….think degrees and NOT just of temperature. Bit of course think of that too! :)
      You’re on to something

    • Avatar of brandonyoung brandonyoung says:

      BTW, @Matthew ,

      I studied CogSci as an undergraduate and have met many of the founders of the field like Noam Chomsky, Patricia Churchland, VS Ramachandran (at UCSD) and Steve Pinker, Daniel Dennett. I’m very fortunate to live in an area that is filled with it. What program are you enrolled in my friend? You’re obviously very smart, so I’d like to pick your brain. :)
      Take Care
      Brandon Marshall Young

      • Avatar of Matthew Matthew says:

        I’m at UCLA, doing a Cog Sci degree, and either a Double-Major, or Minor, in Cybernetics (Now called “Computational and System’s Biology” due to the “scariness” of the word Cybernetics – too “Terminator” sounding).

        After that, I will probably get a graduate degree, hopefully from UCSD, or Berkeley (Maybe from UCLA – since the C&SB program will accept UCLA grads)

        • Avatar of brandonyoung brandonyoung says:

          Ah! Yes I know Cybernetics. Norbert Wiener. Basically means steersmanship, as if you were on a yacht. I’ve read many of his books. Brilliant man! Great area to study.

          UC Berkeley is one of the most gorgeous places to study. And it’s rival MIT both make a great pair. I’m sure you’ve read George Lakoff but that was my path until I got into law school here in Massachusetts. Good luck! Feel free to comment anytime @Matthew !

  7. Jacob says:

    I’m not able to listen to the live broadcast, so are they available for download? If not will they be in the future?

    • Avatar of brandonyoung brandonyoung says:

      Hey @Jacob ,
      That’s a good question. They are being recorded, but it will probably be some time before they are edited and put up, and they might be put up in an entirely different format. Most of us are full-time students so we only get to dedicate a portion of our time to this project. But I can tell you that relatively soon, if you check The Tolkien Professor’s iTunes, there will be so much Silmarillion Seminar content, you’re going to think you’re in Valinor. So stay tuned my friend. Keep waiting at the Grey Havens, we’ll be back to pick up and bring you to Silmarillion bliss…or something like that. :)

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